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Since 2014, Adkins has been building, growing, and monetizing websites. He began learning about digital marketing while in college. In addition to working his full-time job, he continued to develop a diverse portfolio of websites.



  • প্রাচীন বারাসাতের উদ্ভিদ উদ্যান – উদ্ভিদ উদ্যান ও কৃষি গবেষণা

  • মাকড়সা পুকুরের ইতিকথা

  • পশ্চিমবঙ্গের প্রথম রেসকোর্স ছিল বারাসাতের কাছারি ময়দান

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. As a resident of Barasat, I recently stumbled upon a hidden gem that has become my go-to source for all things local – Barasat Online. This community-centric blog, available at barasatonline.com, has quickly become an indispensable guide to the heartbeat of our town.

    Design and Navigation:
    The website boasts a clean and user-friendly design, making it easy for visitors to navigate and discover the rich content within. The layout is intuitive, and the use of vibrant local imagery provides a warm and welcoming feel.

    Content Variety:
    Barasat Online truly shines in its diverse range of content. From insightful articles on local history to up-to-date event listings, this blog covers it all. I particularly appreciate the focus on community stories, shedding light on the everyday heroes and happenings that often go unnoticed.

    Event Calendar:
    One standout feature of Barasat Online is its comprehensive event calendar. Whether you’re looking for cultural festivals, sports events, or community gatherings, this calendar ensures you never miss out on the vibrant tapestry of activities that make Barasat unique.

    Local Businesses and Reviews:
    Supporting local businesses is crucial for the growth of any community, and Barasat Online understands this well. The blog features in-depth reviews of various local establishments, helping residents make informed decisions about where to shop, dine, or spend their leisure time.

    Community Engagement:
    What sets Barasat Online apart is its commitment to community engagement. The blog encourages readers to share their stories, local insights, and event highlights. This interactive approach fosters a sense of unity among residents and strengthens the community bond.

    Regular Updates:
    Keeping up with the pulse of the town, Barasat Online is consistently updated with fresh content. Whether it’s news, features, or event coverage, you can rely on this blog to keep you in the loop.

    Social Media Integration:
    Barasat Online has a strong social media presence, extending its reach beyond the website. Regular updates on platforms like Facebook and Instagram ensure that residents stay connected and informed even on the go.

    In conclusion, Barasat Online is a valuable asset for both long-time residents and newcomers eager to explore the heart of our town. Its commitment to community, diverse content, and user-friendly design make it a must-visit for anyone looking to delve deeper into the vibrant tapestry of life in Barasat. Whether you’re seeking event information, local stories, or business recommendations, Barasat Online has you covered. Visit barasatonline.com today and discover the essence of Barasat!

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